Rhythmic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is an activity in which individuals or teams of five manipulate one or two pieces of apparatus: clubs, hoop, ball, ribbon, rope; or Free (no apparatus). An individual athlete only manipulates 1 apparatus at a time. When multiple gymnasts are performing a routine together, a maximum of two types of apparatus may be distributed among the group.
International Gym offers rhythmic gymnastics for girls from age of 4.5 years. Girls may join the class at any time, no preparation or earlier experience is needed.
For children 4,5 - 6 y.o.
For children 7 - 10 y.o.
70 € (8 lessons)
2x a week
50 € (4 lessons)
1x per week (saturday)
50 € (4 lessons)
1x per week (working days)
1x month
In case of illness, membership is not extended
* If you buy a subscription after the first lesson, this lesson is treated as trial, so it is free. If the subscription is not purchased, the first lesson fee is 15 euros.
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